One ticket: your access to two conferences

Our independent board members are representatives from a wide range of industries. They are experts in their fields and active members of the community and provide time and expertise to support the Swiss Testing Day.


This is what our Conference Board looks forward to

Michael Estermann, SIX is member of the Swiss Testing Day Conference Board and also responsible for the program setup. und somit mitverantwortlich für die Programmgestaltung. In our interview he explains which talks he is looking forward to.




  • Dieter Bosli

    Thales Defence & Homeland Security
  • Mischa Dettwiler

    Swiss Reinsurance Company
  • Evelyn Dick

    Evelyn Dick

  • Patrick Eichhorn

    Swisscom AG
  • Michael Estermann

    SIX Group AG
  • Reto Giger

    ARIZON Sourcing AG
  • Petra Heerklotz

    Tecan Schweiz AG
  • Ivo Meier

    Credit Suisse AG
  • Bettina Niklaus

    AdNovum Informatik AG
  • Felix Rieser

    Zürcher Kantonalbank
  • Adrian Zwingli

    Adrian Zwingli

    SwissQ Conference Chair