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Mirjana Andovska

Mirjana Andovska


Mirjana Andovska has 15+ years of experience in software development and last 10 years in Netcetera as a senior software engineer. In the recent years, she has found challenge and passion in software testing and currently practicing it on variety of projects.

Over the time she had chance to work on various exiting projects, but most of her experience evolved around web technologies. By publishing following paper: “”Applying Bagging Techniques to the SA Tabu Miner Rule Induction Algorithm””, she has also shown interest in machine learning.


An important phase in multilingual software systems is text translation. Since the same text may be used in different contexts, it is difficult to determine whether the translation is correct in the context of the environment in which the text is used. Sharing only text keys and values is usually not enough. Simple screenshots also […]