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Analytics Driven QA: the rise of the BOTS!

Bonus Session

From the primitive days, when a pair of old tribal eyes would glance at the rusty sky to warn the clan of impending thunderstorms, our ability to predict has come a long way.

The advancement in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and the ability to process huge data at lightning speed, has made the analytics based prediction more accessible than ever before.

And yet what lies at its core is the ability to assess data to identify meaningful patterns that provides useful insights into the future.

Data Analytics has already established its place in Digital world and its growing application in various aspects of our lives is limited only by our own imagination. Thus the obvious question for a QA community is – How Data Analytics can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of testing?

This presentation proposes leveraging analytics based BOTS to focus our testing on ‘What needs to be tested’ rather than ‘What can be tested’; the agenda includes:

  • Understanding the Analytics driven BOTS for testing
  • Key predictions that really matters to test teams and prerequisite
  • How to build predictive testing BOTS using the modern technology available
  • Real time use cases of testing BOTS
  • A view of Testing BOTS integrated in an DevOps environment
  • The fine print

This rise of BOTS in testing world is the sign of exciting times ahead of all of us; let us get ready.

Bonus Session