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End-to-End Testing: The Top-Down Approach (EN)

Bonus Session

With nearly two decades of developer experience, I have talked with many people, from those who have specific testing requirements like web or mobile to those who want that extra little feature that says, “Oh wow, it does that.” I have talked extensively about, heard stories and helped address issues with numerous testing applications. Whether you are doing it or not, end-to-end testing is something we all should be engaging – especially in the day and age of more and more systems becoming integrated. This discussion includes:

  1. What is end-to-end testing?
  2. Who is doing end-to-end testing and why?
  3. Common mistakes to avoid with end-to-end testing
  4. Real stories from the fire-side

The audience leaves the session knowing the benefits of end-to-end testing and learns from others’ mistakes as we become more involved in the bigger picture rather than siloed into functional UI testing or backend API testing. This talk highlights some bumps and corners along the way, but at the end, attendees are on a straighter road to working in a successful testing environment.

Bonus Session