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Andreas Grabner

Andreas Grabner is a DevOps activist who has been working as a performance specialist for the last fifteen+ years. He was a developer, tester, architect and product evangelist for several testing and diagnostics companies such as Segue, Borland, Compuware and Dynatrace. In these days Andreas helps organizations finding the performance, scalability and architectural problems in their applications. He is taking his knowledge to teach others on how to spot and avoid these problems. He is doing that by speaking at different meetups, user groups and international conferences such as Star, STPCon, Agile Testing Days, Swiss Testing Day, Java South Africa and JavaOne.

Dev Ops Fusion Track2

Shift-Left, Shift-Right und Self-Healing sind die neuesten Schlagworte, wenn es um den Bau von DevOps Pipelines geht. In dieser Vortrag wird Andreas (Andi) Grabner diese Schlagworte zum Leben erwecken. In einer Live-Demo zeigt Andi eine End-to-End Continuous Delivery Pipeline mit automatisierten, metrik-basierten Quality Gates zwischen den einzelnen Phasen der Vorproduktion, einem automatischen Freigabeschritt nach der […]