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Maja Schreiner

Maja Schreiner

Maja Schreiner is a graduate engineer in information systems with more than 15 years of practical experience in professional software development and quality engineering.

Maja’s interests include applying agile testing practices in everyday work, advocating for agile methodologies and coaching other testers and developers.
Before joining Swisscom, Maja worked as a Test Manager, Test Engineer and software engineer in the public administration, finance and health industry.

Her heart goes for Agile. She’s been running the Agile Testing Meetup Zurich since 2 years and have been presenting and talking at that meetup in front of a smaller crowd (e.g. 10 persons) on a regular basis.

You can contact her on Twitter (@majaschreiner) or via her blog (


Testing is often viewed as a barrier to implementing Continuous Delivery and DevOps, but it shouldn’t be. In this talk I’ll be sharing my experiences of how we crowdsourced testing, learned more about our customers and removed the „testing bottleneck“ in our delivery process. I’ll be talking about the crowdsourcing platform we used, how we […]