Tilke Judd

Tilke Judd


Tilke Judd is a Product Manager working on the Google assistant.  During her four years at Google, she was a product manager on Google Alerts and Google products on feature phones for emerging markets.  Prior to working at Google, she completed her BS, MS and PhD in Computer Graphics from MIT while dabbling in digital video-making and competitive ballroom dancing.  Originally from the United States, she now lives and works in Zurich.  When not at work she and her husband like to take their twin toddlers hiking.

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Automation, in the form of artificial intelligence, machine learning, chat bots and co, is changing our lives – how we work, how we buy things, how we spend our free time. One example is the Google Assistant, a „virtual personal assistant“, which Tilke works on as a product manager. She will let us in on […]