About Swiss Testing Day

Swiss Testing Day is a one-day conference for people working in and around testing. A place to meet, share and inspire one another.

Exchange & inspiration since 2005

Since 2005, Swiss Testing Day has been the rendezvous for the testing community: software testers of all shapes and sizes (test manager, test engineers and co.), as well as QA professionals, developers, project managers and anyone who is interested in a smoother software development cycle and better quality. What started as a gathering of a couple hundred testers has grown to a yearly reunion of over 800 IT professionals

As the role of testers has evolved, so too has the conference. In 2018, we launched DevOps Fusion to look at the technical and cultural aspects of DevOps. DevOps Fusion happens on the same day and at the same location as Swiss Testing Day. Attendees choose freely between sessions from both conferences. There are shared keynotes and breaks; participants benefit from an open exchange across functional areas and industries

 Maximum benefit to participants

From the beginning, the four cornerstones of Swiss Testing Day have been: 

  • Community: We are committed to building, supporting and strengthening the community 
  • Independent: Governed by an independent board; no one company has preference 
  • High-quality: Proven two-stage selection process; no sales pitches and marketing talks 
  • Not-for-profit: Fair prices; accessible to anyone who wants to join 

The annual programme is defined by the Conference Board and delivered by practitioners and experts from the community. The board defines key themes for the conference and evaluates submissions against pre-defined criteria. Content is selected to deliver maximum benefit to participants: relevant topics, actionable content, clear takeaways

Speakers and partners: important parts of the conference

Speakers are the lifeblood of the conference. Practitioners from Swiss and international companies share their real-life stories of success and failure. They share tips and tricks for what works and what doesn’t. So you can take inspiration from their ideas and avoid their mistakes (and make different ones 😉) 

Partners form an integral part of the conference. Not just in terms of financial support, but also by providing expert advice, access to solutions, momentum, spirit and drive. In addition to being a hub for knowledge sharing, Swiss Testing Day is a great place to network – for employers and for potential employees. At all times of day, the partner expo is a buzz of activity

Join us at Swiss Testing Day – we’re always happy to welcome a new member to the family! ❤️