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Share your story at Swiss Testing Day on June 21, 2022.

Swiss Testing Day is an independent conference shaped by a board of customer representatives. We provide a platform for people working in and around testing to exchange experiences and share ideas, to network, to learn, to inspire, to connect.

Every year, we have an open call for speakers, where we invite practitioners to send in your stories. What challenges have you overcome? What approaches or tools worked for you and your team? Where are you heading? Take to the stage and share your solutions with the testing community!

Key Deadlines for Swiss Testing Day 2022

  • January 3. 2022: Deadline Abstract Submission
  • January 21. 2022: Feedback Abstracts
  • February 16. 2022: Deadline Presentations
  • March 9. 2022: Feedback Presentations
  • June 21. 2022: Conference

Focus Topics

  • Artificial intelligence & machine learning (AI, AIOps, cognitive testing, predictive testing)
  • IoT / connectivity / Cloud
  • The human side of testing (skills vs roles, communication & collaboration, develop & learn, transformation & change)
  • Robotics (synergies with test automation, “same same but different?”)
  • Digital workplace: (motivating and energizing teams in remote setup)

Selection Process

There is a two-step selection process:

  1. All abstracts are evaluated. Applicants who are shortlisted will be asked to send their presentation to the organisers.
  2. The Conference Board will evaluate the presentations and select 12-15 presentations for the final programme.

Abstracts will be evaluated against the following criteria:

  • Benefits for participants / Transferable learning objectives
  • Originality / Innovation
  • Comprehensibility / Storyline / Structure
  • Practical relevance / actionable content

No Sales Pitches, please!

You love your company, your products, your services? And that’s great, because life is too short to waste at a job you hate! But please focus your talk/workshop on practical, real world solutions that are transferrable to other attendees. Pure sales pitches and talks that focus heavily on a specific tool or service will be rejected.


Talks are 30 minutes long (incl Q&A); Workshop are hands-on, interactive sessions for a smaller group (ca. 30 participants) and last 60-70 minutes.


All speakers are granted free entry to both conferences (Swiss Testing Day und DevOps Fusion), including catering and the partner expo. Please note that travel costs are not covered by the organisers.

Service Providers

For the purpose of establishing a clear line between partners and other service providers, we have decided to ask service providers in the main program to also support the conference as partners – we view this as fair.

Service providers are defined are those who offer services in the test field in the German-speaking region of Switzerland and who seek to directly gain economic advantage through their stage appearance.

If a speaker feels that s/he is not included in the definition (because s/he, for example, does not seek direct economic benefit or proposes unique content), an appropriate option can be offered.
The Conference Board will consider this request in good faith and, together with the speaker, will seek a solution.

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