Andreas Kirchner & Vinod Wagh


10.45 – 11.15 Testing 2

Continuous Integration Testing for Mobile Application (EN)

Continuous integration and testing (CI/CT) is core to the DevOps and test automation is invaluable in it. While the approach and tooling for web automation is well known, adding mobile increases the complexity significantly. This presentation shows how we achieved Continuous integration and testing for Credit Suisse Direct – our Banking application by 1)Building multi-channel automated tests , 2) Establish an in-house execution cloud for web and mobile (3) Integrate the new technology in a Multichannel Test Strategy that fulfills high quality and compliance standards of Swiss banks using SAFe.

Short Bio

Andreas Kirchner is a technical product owner at Credit Suisse, currently on a sabbatical to study philosophy of technology. He worked on projects related to Test Automation, Security, iOT, Crowd Testing, and increasingly finds that human talent is the key differentiation factor in the age of digitalization and automation.

Vinod Wagh is software practitioner currently playing role of Test Automation Lead at Credit Suisse . He worked on various types of automation projects and helped projects to achieve their automation goals. He is passionate about automation to reduce manual efforts.

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