Joel Aihende & Florian Fürst


15.10 – 15.40 Testing 1

Blockchain Testing (DE)

The business case of Block-Parcello is based upon the challenges that the logistics industry is facing regarding cross-border shipments. Our use cases are ensuring high data quality for tracking shipments allowing users to automatize accounting tasks that are currently highly manual and slow in performance. This is also leading to several test challenges. As every kind of data is stored decentralized in one ledger and includes metadata we also included the thought of Customs Documentation process, as it is also an important part of the supply chain and can also rely on Blockchain information.

Short Bio

Florian Fürst is an Manager and Testing Expert at Accenture Technology.
Currently, he is the project lead for 2 international projects and a project management office for a DAX company in the logistics industry. Moreover, he is an expert in the field of Testing Strategy and Management with the focus on innovative topics such as Agile Testing, Cloud and Blockchain.

Joel Aihende is a Blockchain Specialist and Software Engineer at Accenture Technology.
He is part of Living Blockchain ASGR which focuses on advising clients on overall Blockchain strategy and implementation,
serves as a network enabler and conducts platform agnostic Distributed Ledger Technology delivery.

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