Finn Lorbeer


10.45 – 11.15 Testing 1

Better, Faster, Stronger - Delivering High Quality Products (EN)

Did you know you can enable your team to build better software faster while having a stronger team culture? Working with various diverse teams across multiple projects, Finn realised that testing doesn’t actually improve software quality. In order to actually improve we must get involved into much more than simply testing and think about the product as a whole. In this session, Finn will share specific examples of how engaging with the business, engineering, process optimisation as well as the entire crossfunctional team can lead to significant improvements in the product’s quality.

Short Bio

Finn is a Product Quality Specialist at ThoughtWorks. He cares about high quality software from his heart. He is an analyst. Sometimes he analyses client business needs, sometimes teams and their processes and sometimes software. Finn loves being the team driver towards building a high quality product. He strongly believes in the benefits of truly agile environments to achieve this goal. He wants to share some of the ideas and concepts his team developed while working on different projects throughout ThoughtWorks Germany.

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