Marthinus Bosman

Using machine learning supported advanced analytics for a shift-right testing environment

Over the past decade the software development landscape has changed immensely. The success of agile and DevOps approaches have lead to consumer centric software so complex that it has become impossible to test in a traditional sense.
We discuss a new metric driven approach to ensure software quality in a shift-right testing environment. Providing focused analytics to all developers and combining with ML to merge all metrics into a single Software Quality Index. This finally results into a new artificial team member, the master of software quality.

Short Bio

Marthinus studied Electronic Engineering at Stellenbosch University, majoring in informatics, and has been working as a Machine Learning Specialist at ambrite ag.
He has been developing various technologies and frameworks to leverage ML and Analytics to assist and automate the work of developers and testers in the Telco industry.

Weitere Speaker