Fabian Wohlschläger


12.30 – 13.00 Testing 1

Shift Right to Test in Production

In reality there is no place like production. The full breadth and diversity of the production environment is hard to replicate. And the real workload of customer traffic is also hard to simulate. How do you effectively test things like business continuity and disaster recovery scenarios or version compatibility between microservices?

Testing in production is complementary to your automated tests performed during your CI/CD process. The initial part of this presentation will focus on rolling out changes in a progressive and controlled manner, i.e. we will discuss blue/green deployments, feature flags, and canary releasing. A demo using Azure Kubernetes Service and Istio will demonstrate, how you can progressively experiment in production. After that we will conclude with approaches to validate the health and quality of your constantly changing production environment.

Short Bio

Fabian works as Cloud Solution Architect within Microsoft and focuses on Application Development. Besides that he is a member of the Microsoft DevOps champions and an expert in Microservices. Prior to Microsoft, he spent 8 years in IT Consulting before serving as platform architect within KPMG. In his previous roles he led multinational development teams and advised C-level executives regarding cloud strategy. Besides helping FSI customers to achieve more by leveraging Microsoft Azure, he enjoys backpacking, gaming XBox and all kinds of sports.

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