Thomas Rinke


08.15 – 08.45 Testing 2

Scaling Whole Team Quality (EN)

At ista International we implement the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). As a tester in the System Team I focus on end-to-end tests, which sometimes feels like a waterfall approach: feeling responsible for catching bugs and having the impression that teams work in an uncoordinated way.
While translating the Whole Team Quality Approach to our SAFe context I recognized our past improvements and initiated further changes.
In this talk, I will share my view on Whole Team Quality in a Scaled Agile context, the improvements we have already achieved, and the things we have adjusted recently.

Short Bio

Thomas Rinke is Software Engineer specializing in Software Test at ista International GmbH.
He worked as a research assistant in the area of risk-based testing and then as pre-sales and professional service consultant and trainer. In 2011, he joined ista International GmbH as Team Manager Software Test. During the agile transition to the Scaled Agile Framework he became software engineer and now works as software tester in the system team, focusing on cross-platform end-to-end tests.
He is an occasional speaker and has been a member of the German Testing Day conference board since 2015.

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