Keynote: DevOps + SRE – the best of both worlds at Google 

We are excited to announce Google Senior Engineering Director Michael Wildpaner as our morning keynote on June 21.

What can I learn?
Google introduced the term Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) in 2003 to overcome the inherent conflicts between Dev (let’s make lots of cool new stuff!) and Ops (don’t change a working system). By having engineers take on the role of system administrators, Google was able to look at the «run and change» problem in a whole new way.

At DevOps Fusion, Google Senior Engineering Director Michael Wildpaner shares best practices from years of building and running successful SRE teams, touching on topics such as:

  • Why everyone needs distributed systems skills
  • Automation to reduce redundancy and make more time for releasing features
  • Resiliency-based engineering
  • How SREs support a shift-left mindset
  • Services and tools to help Ops
  • Culture change

Who’s inspiring me on stage?
An SRE veteran, Michael joined Google in 2006 (the same year as «to google» was added to the dictionary, AWS launched cloud-based services and Nintendo Wii went to market) and has spent the past 15 years working in site-reliability engineering (SRE). In his early years at the tech giant, Michael integrated standalone directions service into Google Maps mainline Maps and provided SRE support for the global Transit launch.

As SRE Lead for Security and Privacy (2015-2018), Michael scaled from one to three global SRE teams with 60 engineers, operating 16 services across 13 Dev teams. In 2018, he took on the role of Regional Lead SRE EMEA and grew the SRE organisation from 800 to 1200 FTEs across four sites.