Denis Pingin


Leveraging cloud-native CI/CD and GitOps for Kubernetes with Tekton and Argo CD

With Kubernetes becoming an essential tool for modern cloud deployments and companies adopting their take on DevOps culture, there is a high demand for cloud-native CI/CD. But how can we achieve increased velocity in deployment while also taking care of things like infrastructure as code, immutability, portability, and security? In this session, we will explore core principles and typical use cases of cloud-native CI/CD and GitOps. We will furthermore investigate their advantages and disadvantages before diving deeper with a live demonstration of a source-code-to-production workflow based on Tekton and Argo CD.

Short Bio

Denis Pingin is a Software Architect in the Digital & Innovation team at adesso and has over 15 years of experience in different areas of software development. He focuses on cutting-edge cloud and DevOps technologies, scalable architectures, and best practices to deliver software both efficiently and reliably. His deep expertise across a broad range of technology stacks allows Denis to provide his clients with competent support on their cloud and DevOps transformation journeys.

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