Mieke Deenen


10.45 – 11.15 DevOps 1

When DevOps Goes Government (EN)

Change is scary, but this advice will get you past the fear. Mieke Deenen is an independent consultant leading innovative change projects for industrial and governmental organizations in The Netherlands. During her talk she will cover best practices of more than a decade of experience in implementing change, business agility and the transformation to DevOps at a traditional, process-oriented enterprise organization with all the cultural and organizational challenges. Listen to her 5 best takeaways that include topics such as «How to move from a process-oriented enterprise towards an enterprise organization with autonomous DevOps Teams» and «Facing the challenges of creating business value and provide stability».

Short Bio

Mieke is an experienced agile project manager leading innovative change projects for industrial and governmental organizations. She likes driving change and helping organizations transform towards a high speed, innovative and productive organization. Mieke is passionate about topics such as agile, Kanban, DevOps and continuous delivery, and the management of the cultural, organizational, team and technological changes associated with these approaches. She likes to share experiences and has spoken at several seminars and conferences, like DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES 17 and DOES 18), Delivery of Things World (Berlin), CoDe Conference (Copenhagen and Stockholm), IP-EXPO Nordics Stockholm, AllDayDevOps webinar, DevOps Summit Amsterdam, DevOps Pro Moscow and several in-house conferences (SKAT, Copenhagen, BMW, München).

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